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Saturday, June 6, Interview - Richard Symister's Drumming Therapy Podcast

Sunday, June 7, 8am - Drummer's Mobility Online Class via MovEvolution, Brooklyn, NYC -INFO & SIGN-UP 

Jan. - Feb. - NYC
Recording Residency with Tom Burnett & Elliott Levin

Apr. - May - NJ via satellite
Guest Artist in Composition for NJ Public Schools

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Time Machine Cover Loop243 web

Time-Machine_music is our fourth album of original music and it marks a decidedly new direction. We hope you'll take a listen and let yourself be immersed in the sound...we intend to take you on a journey. We have once again pressed this to 180 gram vinyl, as well as offering CD's and hi-res digital downloads. We're really excited about the physical versions. The vinyl jackets are amazing...it's like you have a mini Jon Waldo painting, with extras...

The Loop 2.4.3 team on this album includes Sean Boyd (co-producer and engineer), Jon Waldo (painting, LP and CD packaging design), Steve Gilewski (graphic design, web design), Joel Hamburger (audio engineer), Allen Baker (audio engineer). Thomas Kozumplik wrote the music and performed. We went back to our good friend Joe Lambert for the mastering.

The Seattle radio station and internet publication Second Inversion is streaming the album, along with a review and dialogue with Kozumplik on their feature "Sneak Peek Audio Leak."

The album is on iTunes, etc. and you win special places in our hearts if you get it directly from our label at Music Starts From Silence.

Thank you to all of our fans and supporters for sharing the music with us at live events and supporting us online. You light up our lives.