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Loop 2.4.3 regularly presents educational and community outreach programs throughout the United States.  A variety of programs are available for children to adults, and from the general population to advanced musicians.  An example of educational-related offerings is below.  Call us at 718-254-0483 for more information.

Elementary/Middle School/High School presentations:

We offer the following formats:

  • Full-grade or full-school assemblies: an interactive performance tailored to age level.
  • Masterclasses and discussions with Band students, covering basic techniques of all percussion instruments, chamber music, improvisation, and musicianship.

University Residencies:

Loop 2.4.3 has held residencies and served as Guest Artists for many Universities including Central Michigan University, Michigan State, Temple University, Alma College, Cornell University, Ithaca College, Oaklahoma State University, CalArts, Eastern Oregon University, Central Washington University, California State University-San Bernardino, UC Berkeley, University at Buffalo, New York University, and many others.  

We offer the following topics:

  • Combining Electronic and Acoustic Instruments in Composition and Performance Practice
  • Lessons and Masterclasses in Percussion Performance:  mallet instruments - technique and repertoire; steel drum; Conga/Hand Drumming - techniques and styles; Timpani - technique, tuning and maintenance; Rudimental Drumming - hand development.
  • Improvisation for all instruments
  • Composition - interactive demonstration and discussion
  • Chamber Music and Jazz Ensemble coaching - all instruments
  • Music as a Business - topics include freelancing; considerations for collaborative ventures; starting your own record label; publicity, booking, and marketing; non-profit vs. LLC.; working as a team.

We tailor our presentations to our audience.  Additional options are available upon request. Please contact us directly if you would like to have us present at your school or other institution.