"brand-new yet iconic"   - Gramophone (UK)

With percussion instruments in the foreground Audiophile Audition once described Loop 2.4.3 as creating “compelling music that is not readily categorized, is never pretentiously inaccessible, and sustains a sympathetic and approachable mannerism...Persuasively demonstrates that rhythm instruments can direct melodic lines, execute choruses, and engage listeners’ imagination.” That was only the beginning, and the circle of collaborators continue to explore a wide range of creative endeavors. 

Recordings and related projects: MusicStartsFromSilence.com


Featured Video: David Derickson (Fist Fight Films), MK Ultra from the album Time-Machine_music:


Child of the Earth featured on New Sounds with John Schaefer. Link to the archived show on newsounds.org


COTE LP front small

"It is rare that an epic composition like Child of the Earth emerges from the percussion ensemble repertoire..." - Jonathan Haas

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