"brand-new yet iconic"   - Gramophone (UK)

Loop 2.4.3 is an "open format", collaborative ensemble, led by composer/performer Thomas Kozumplik. The group has a bent for exploring the vast musical possibilities of percussion instruments, inspired by an artistic coming-of-age in room 243...

Record Label (Vinyl, CD's, Scores, Booking): MusicStartsFromSilence.com


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Loop 2.4.3 is a fiscally sponsored project of Brooklyn Arts Council. 

Performances, new music, and community outreach are funded primarily through individual donors. Tax-deductible donations can be made online at:

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New Video Collaboration w/ Jamie Kelty, feat. Elliott Levin

New Video Collaboration w/ Catherine Rutgers

 Album Release with Tom Burnett and Elliott Levin on MSFS Records

Online Classes - Individual and Group Sessions - Performers/Composers - All Levels Inquiries/Sign-up

Watch a live clip from recent Loop 2.4.3 soundcheck in Philadelphia on

New Release Child of the Earth featured on New Sounds with John Schaefer. Link to the archived show on newsounds.org

"It is rare that an epic composition like Child of the Earth emerges from the percussion ensemble repertoire..." - Jonathan Haas

"When considering the intrinsic merits of both the work and its thoroughgoing idiomatic performance by Haas and the New York University Percussion Ensemble there is no doubt that we have a landmark percussion ensemble development, as much a pleasure to hear as it no doubt is to perform. Very recommended for percussion and Modern New Music Postmodern enthusiasts." - Classical-Modern Music Review, Grego Applegate Edwards