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JAN - FEB, 2020 NYC
Recording Residency with Tom Burnett & Elliott Levin

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Tamikaze Clearfield Live PhiliCliff ArmssmallerAndrea Clearfield and Thomas Kozumplik during sound-check in Philidelphia - photo by Cliff Arms

This fall I had the great pleasure of not only returning to Andrea Clearfield's Salon in Philadelphia, but having Andrea join me in world premiere performances. Andrea is one of those great collaborators who listens deeply, gets inside of the music, and intuits what to do...there is little need for words. I will always be grateful and looking forward to our next opportunity to work together. If you aren't familiar with Andrea's music, find her here: http://www.andreaclearfield.com

More photos/videos of this event coming soon. One video excerpt of sound-check is on Instagram (@loop243)

2019 Friday 13 Banner small2

Friday the 13th - September in Zoo York - Open Studio / Performance / Party

A special early solstice celebration with a NY-Centric program. Performances by Rachael Elliott, Aviva Jaye, Loop 2.4.3, and Yung Rue. 
Friday, September 13
8pm - Happy Hour
9pm - Concert
Location: Artist Studio, Brooklyn (Bedford/Nostrand G)
- Suggested Donation: sliding scale $10 and up for Artists and House Drinks
- Email, Call, or Text for Address/Reservation
- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /  347-687-5243
Limited seating - make sure to contact us for your reservation!
Program Details
Brooklyn Classical brings together a cross-section of independent NYC composers/performers creating original work that mixes art music and social music.
Expect brains, beauty, angst, ugliness, solitude, moments of chaos, love, soul, and deep grooves...NYC
Bring your tips for the bar - cash only ;)

Premiere Live Banner1 smaller
premiere performance at Loewe Theatre, NYC / photo: Tsing Bardin

May 24 marks the official album release for Child of the Earth, and we are thrilled to finally share it with all of you. 

Deepest respect and gratitude to Jonathan Haas (without whom this piece may have been only an idea), to the performers who met high demands, and to everyone who dedicated time, talent, and inspiration to this project.

The challenges of executing a work of this size are considerable. The skill and dedication of all of the artists brought it to life, and it was a journey that we will never forget!

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I have been fortunate over the years to work with some wonderfully gifted and giving people. I cherish the opportunity to work with people who are truly committed to their art, to the production, and to sharing that moment when it comes together. There have been times when I’ve shown up to what might seem a very low key “gig” yet because of the dedication to what was happening, and the openness of the people, it became an intense and moving experience.

I don’t know if it’s true that artists generally feel things more intensely than other people, but I think that many of us may relate to the build-up that can happen when life throws its myriad of challenges your way. On top of this, you see all of the suffering in the world, much of it is so needless, which amplifies the greed and hate that lives among men. And then you find yourself in a car, driving around Brooklyn, through Manhattan, into the Lincoln Tunnel and onto New Jersey highways. You may want to scream. You may want to cry. But now it’s time to be nice, because you’re interacting with other people, and they have their own problems, and you’re a professional after all.

Now, whether you publicly perform in any fashion or not, imagine you’re onstage, in plain view of everyone, waiting for your moment. Then something in the performance is particularity moving, and all of the beauty in the world seems to show itself to you, and all of the pain in the world seems to show itself to you. And then you start screaming to yourself in your mind “don’t cry, don’t cry, dammit don’t cry”. But one solitary tear makes it to the surface and rolls down your cheek. And that tear has felt everything. And now make your entrance and don’t screw up.   - TK

The great thing about NYC is that there’s always something cool going on…the downside is usually you are too busy to go check things out. As I’ve been doing more studio work (rather than touring) this past summer and fall, I was in town and made a point to attend many shows. Some of the memorable and inspirational performances included Aviva Jaye, Clara Kennedy, Ron Carter/Billy Cobham/Donald Harrison, Buika, Eddie Palmieri, Michael Leonhart Orchestra, and the Dred Scott Trio. Conrad Herwig and Ray Mason (playing the blues over Wu Tang Clan) took my love of trombone to a new level, and Jonathan Powell made the trumpet do some crazy things while barely moving an inch. I hadn’t seen Dred Scott since playing with him in the Robert Hohner Percussion Ensemble…his playing shined at his recent record release show, and he recalled taking out a Berio score in my name some 20 years ago which almost held up getting my degree…Small clubs are not dead. Well, maybe hanging on by a thread, but that experience is too valuable to go away.

Ron Carter Blue Note sm
One of my all-time faves, Mr. Ron Carter, at the Blue Note this fall.