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July 9 - Performance - Bridges Academy's Summer Jam Online Music Experience

June 10, Interview - Richard Symister's Drumming Therapy Podcast

Apr. - May - NJ via satellite
Guest Artist in Composition for NJ Public Schools

Tour Dates To Be Announced Soon


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I originally wrote the below while at Stillwaters this past fall. Life was hectic...it didn't make it onto the blog at the time. There have been many great tour experiences over the past year and we will write about some more of them. This particluar visit with Jeff and Mary at Stillwaters was poetic, and I still remember it presently and fondly. Steve Gilewski, longtime Loop 2.4.3 collaborator and friend, joined for this run of performances in VA and DC.

"The grounds are so vast and peaceful.  Songbirds, majestic birds of prey…and chickens!  I saw a bald eagle there my first night.  The trees and other plants are many and varied.  There are fruit trees that look like they go largely unharvested by humans, but that provide food for birds, squirrels and other wildlife.  It made me take the fruit tree into wonder…as long as it has sunshine and rain, it asks nothing, yet provides abundance and gives freely.  I saw this as an analogy for Mary and Jeff.  They are such wonderful and giving people..it somehow makes you appreciate peace and beauty so much more."

Marshall, VA
September 2016